What Makes a Dealer the “Right Dealer?”

What Makes a Dealer the “Right Dealer?”

You’re thinking about buying a car,

and you might want to buy from a dealership. That makes sense. Aside from being the source for new vehicles, dealerships bring a lot to the table: professional maintenance, clean detailed cars, answers to questions about a vehicle, etc. It’s no surprise that many consumers feel more comfortable buying something as important as their car from a dealership.

Dealerships and the way they operate don’t always inspire trust, though. Most people who have shopped at a dealership have had a negative experience at some point. Perhaps the professionalism was lacking, or they felt pressured to make a decision before they were ready. Maybe it was hard to even find someone to help. Or, after a seemingly successful process of selecting a car and negotiating a price, they walked into the finance office and felt pressured. These dealerships give all dealerships a bad name, and they make the car buying experience miserable for customers attempting to make an important decision.

That’s where HaloCar excels.

We also only work with dealerships that have a history of treating you with the respect you deserve as a valued customer.

We believe great dealerships exist, but we don’t want to just tell you that – we want to prove it to you. That’s why the dealerships we partner with aren’t determined just by an eagerness to work with us, but by measurable customer service index (CSI) metrics.

You might wonder where those CSI scores come from. After buying a new vehicle from a dealership, customers can expect the auto manufacturer to reach out to them about their experience. It makes sense: manufacturers want to know how customers liked the buying experience at that dealership. HaloCar only works with dealerships that have the highest CSI metrics from these surveys.

The dealerships we’re working with want this feedback, too. They want to grow by earning the business of repeat-customers and to receive customer service awards from the manufacturer. For example, there are 21 Toyota dealerships from Everett to Chehalis. Instead of linking with all the Toyota stores, we found the top 4 to partner with because we know they are the very best Toyota dealerships for our customers. These 4 Toyota dealerships have a proven track record of overachieving and providing the best experience in both sales and the service department. HaloCar only works with the top CSI dealerships per brand.

We understand that this may sound too good to be true,

and that you might still have questions about how we’re finding the dealerships we partner with. If you do have doubts or questions, about dealerships, how we negotiate pricing, or any other step in the car buying process, give us a call. We’re here to help you and earn the trust you’re giving us when you choose HaloCar.