Taking Delivery of Your New Car

Taking Delivery of Your New Car

The most exciting part of shopping for a new car is actually taking delivery, but not all customers know how that actually works! So, we’re diving into the topic here to give you everything you need.

Expect to take delivery the day you buy the car

This is important to know! The day you sign to buy the car, the dealership will typically be expecting you to drive it off the lot today. They may take it for a quick wash, or a final detail, but the intention is for you to leave with the vehicle. So, come prepared!

What’s happening with paperwork?

Before you take delivery, you’re going to sign a temporary contract at the dealership. But this is just a physical contract that serves as a backup to protect the dealership.

Once you take delivery of your new car, the finance office at the dealership will send the paperwork to your loan officer at Community 1st Credit Union. Your loan officer at Community 1st Credit Union will email you the final electronic loan documents to sign on your phone or computer.

And don’t worry, once the electronic contract is signed with Community 1st Credit Union, the dealership will void the physical backup contract. We know it might seem odd to sign two different contracts, but we assure you that this is simply a procedure to protect each party’s financial interests (including yours!), and there is no possibility of you having two active contracts on the same vehicle.

Anything else to consider?

Insurance! You can’t drive off in an uninsured vehicle. If you have an existing car insurance policy, you should add your new car to it immediately. You should have “full coverage” that meets the minimum state requirements. “Full coverage” has several parts. The main parts are liability and comprehensive insurance. Liability insurance pays for damages to someone’s property…. like their car. Comprehensive insurance pays for the repairs on your car if it’s damaged. Make sure and consult with your insurance agent as there are more points to consider.

That’s it! In a short period of time, everything will be taken care of and that new car will be yours to enjoy. But if you do have any questions about any of this, don’t hesitate to ask. We have decades of experience with these steps and can make sure everything feels as easy as it should.