F&I Products

F&I Products

The finance office (F&I) is where you complete the dealership’s paperwork, you’ll likely be given the opportunity to purchase other optional products, like an extended warranty. Let’s look at some of the options you may come across.

Vehicle Service Contracts

We think this product is a strong consideration. Vehicle Service Contracts or Extended Warranties are a good idea. Community 1st will finance this right into your loan. Keep in mind, you are at the very best dealer and their product has a first-class track record. This product adds value and should be carefully considered.

Sky Link

Some dealerships will give you the option to invest in Sky Link. This service is a tracking service that can aid in the recovery of your car if it is ever stolen. Buyers that live in an area with higher rates of car theft or who simply want the additional peace-of-mind may consider Sky Link.

Sealant Protection

Some dealerships offer a number of treatments to help protect your vehicle, including undercoating, paint sealants, and leather/cloth treatments. Some even offer a plastic shield option to help protect the paint from chips. We recommend discussing these products candidly with your finance person at the dealership.

GAP Insurance

This is a product you would discuss with your credit union, since they’re originating the loan. GAP protection will pay off the remainder of your loan balance in the event your car insurance settlement is short.