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How does the HaloCar special pricing work?

HaloCar has negotiated special pricing on every new and used vehicle at the approved HaloCar dealerships listed on our website.  You must purchase from one of these dealers to get the special pricing. The salesperson will provide you the exact price.

How do I become a credit union member?

Click the “JOIN TODAY” then follow the prompts. Once your application is submitted you’ll be on your way to the benefits of membership.

Covid Statement

We want you safe! You can apply with Community 1st Credit Union for a loan entirely online or by phone.  The dealers keep the showrooms and their facilities clean, to protect you and your family.  Some of these dealers may also offer a private or personal home delivery where the salesperson brings the car to you. Complete the paperwork and delivery at your home or office.

How do my friends and family get the special pricing as well?

In order for them to get the special pricing, your family member will need to get pre-approved for a car loan at one of our participating credit unions and buy their vehicle from one of our participating dealerships.

Will I get charged if I buy my car using HaloCar?

HaloCar never charges a fee to the car-buyer.

I have questions about the car buying process, who can I contact for answers?

HaloCar is here to help you through your buying process and ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.  Contact us using the following form and a representative will reply as soon as possible.

How do I get pre-approved for a car loan?

Click on APPLY NOW on your credit union’s HALOCAR page.

OR apply for a loan on your credit union’s website, by calling a loan officer, or completing in person at a credit union branch. If they approve your application, you will be notified by email with the HaloPIN. This is called a pre-approval and will indicate the term/rate and the maximum loan amount.

When I’m ready to buy a car, where do I start?


Once you’ve made your decision to purchase, the first step is to apply for a car loan with your credit union. Once you get a preapproval, you will be issued a unique HaloPIN. This HaloPIN will ensure you get the special pricing at a dealership in our network. You will need to give the HaloPin to the finance person when completing the paperwork. The salesperson may also ask if you have it.

What is remote delivery?

Remote delivery is when a dealer delivers the vehicle to your home or workplace.  The paperwork can be signed then and you just keep the car. Not all dealers offer this, so check with them first.

How to I take delivery of my car?

Taking delivery means driving your car off the lot.  This happens after the dealer has completed all paperwork and the car has been cleaned and made ready for you.

What products does the F&I department offer?

Typically, they will offer you a vehicle service contract, Sky Link (a theft product), Sealant Protection products. Some dealers will also offer tire/wheel protection, pre-paid planned maintenance, etch/security labels, dent/ding protection, windshield protection, key replacement, roadside assistance, and other theft programs. GAP insurance is offered by your credit union.

What is the F&I department and what do they do?

F&I stands for Finance and Insurance and they are responsible for completing the paperwork necessary for the purchase.  They may also offer you additional products like warranty, insurance, etc.

Can I buy my car from a non HaloCar dealer?

Of course, you can purchase your vehicle from any dealer you choose. If that dealer is not part of the HaloCar network, you will not receive the special pricing and they will probably disregard your pre-approval.

My credit union is not associated with HaloCar, can I still get your pricing?

Unfortunately, no. However, we are always enrolling new credit unions, so you can encourage your credit union to join the HaloCar network. Use the following form to tell us the name of a credit union you think should join us.

Do I need to make an appointment before I go to the dealer?

While it’s recommended that you make an appointment, it is not necessary.  You always have the option to drive into one of the dealerships with your loan approval in hand.

Why does the dealer offer me so little for my trade?

The dealer intends to resell your trade, so after buying it from you, they may spend additional money to fix any problems and make it ready to sale. They have to cover other expenses too like salaries and overhead and want to make some profit on top of that. To make the whole thing work, they typically offer you a lower trade-in price than if you sold your trade to a private party.

Why should I finance through my credit union instead of through the dealer?

Your credit union is in business to help you succeed and has your best interests in mind. You can trust them to give you a very competitive rate.

What makes these dealerships different from other dealers?

The dealers approved by HaloCar have been specifically chosen based on high Customer Service Index scores.  They have a track record of superb customer service and will treat you fairly and honestly.

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