Business Manager, Finance Manager, or F&I

Business Manager, Finance Manager, or F&I

Walking into the finance office or business office at a dealership can be the most stressful part of the buying experience for many customers. Our first step in addressing this issue is to only partner with the very best dealerships with great customer service ratings. These dealers are the best of the best! You can learn more about the dealerships we agree to work with here.

Get it done right

The first priority for the finance office is making sure that the paperwork is completed accurately so that the deal funds as expected. This is why you still need to go into the finance office and walk through the paperwork with the finance manager to make sure everything is understood before signing.

Protecting the dealership

A great deal of this is simply making sure everything is done by the book. The finance manager wants to make sure that the right documents are signed by the right people so the dealership is protected before they let someone drive off the lot with a vehicle.

You will sign a temporary contract with the finance manager. Once your loan with Community 1st Credit Union is signed electronically by you and funded, the finance manager will void this temporary contract. The reason for signing this temporary contract is……” what if” you never got around to signing with the credit union? The dealership would cash this temporary contract and you’d receive a coupon book in the mail. “What if” you drove off the lot and suddenly totaled it before signing and funding with the credit unions? Once again, the dealer would cash the contract and your car insurance would pay the loan off. This temporary contract is signed only for the dealer’s protection until Community 1st Credit Union funds your loan. It’s common and legit.

Preapprovals make this easier for everyone

While dealerships traditionally like to do all of the financing in-house, HaloCar partners with dealerships that are happy to have you come in and finance directly with Community 1st Credit Union.

A pre-approval has obvious benefits for the customer – and we go into those in-depth here.

The dealers know you’re a qualified customer, and it’s easier to protect the dealership when they’re confident that due diligence has already been done. The result should be a quick process that helps them make a sale and leaves you walking away satisfied with the service provided to you.

You might still have questions about how all of this works, and we’re happy to help answer those! Reach out when you’re ready, we’ll be here.