About HaloCar

HaloCar is an automotive industry term used to describe an innovative or electrifying new car design. While we don’t design new cars, we have engineered an innovative buying process for YOU, your credit union, and the dealers.

HaloCar is headquartered in San Antonio, TX. Founder and CEO, Jim Beaver, has a broad and deep understanding of both the banking and dealership industries respectively. The idea for HaloCar was born out of his experience and years working in both dealerships and finance. He learned the ins and outs of the car business by leading teams in both Sales and Finance at Ford’s most awarded franchise for two decades. Following his time in the car business, Jim spent another 10 years at USAA as a Senior Advisor. Jim has a BS and MBA in Servant Leadership from Grand Canyon University, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt from Villanova, studied Customer-Focused Product and Service Design at Cornell University, and is a Certified Product Manager.